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Man is a complex organism that is composed of countless systems that cooperate synergistically with each other for the proper performance of a wide variety of functions, The Health Hub Health Hub was created precisely with the aim of promoting wellness that goes beyond the individual function and thus adopting a 360-degree approach that goes to consider all aspects of human health, from body care to physical to psychological well-being.

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Our mission will be to lead the patient to an optimal state of health, through an ad hoc (personalized) pathway, in full respect of the subject's own functional time and manner.

The spread of a state of consciousness and awareness toward the salutogenic aspects, proper to human beings, starting with physical health (physical activity and structure), biochemical health (nutrition and diet), and psycho-emotional health (psychology, work, family and environment).

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About Us

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All-round health

The clinic was established with the aim of disseminating, raising awareness and educating patients in the most intimate concept of "HEALTH." With it, professionals will have the burden of informing and educating patients as a function of achieving as optimal a state of well-being and health as possible.

The person at the center

The common denominator will be the integrated "Transdisciplinary" approach, whereby the PERSON will be the focus of our attention and therapeutic intention


Our professionals

Lorenzo Termine

Dr. Termine graduated with honors from the State University of Milan, where he also obtained, also with honors, specializations in Occupational Medicine, Industrial Hygiene and Functional Medicine in 2008. Since then, he has worked as a Medical Officer in several companies in Lombardy.

Project Runners clinic

The Runners Clinic project was created to embrace the running world at 360 degrees, ranging from prevention, injury management, correction of running technique, postural and kinesiological analysis applied to running, nutritional support and planning of personalized training tables.


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